Male Testosterone Therapy


Male Testosterone Replacement

     Hormone wellness can help maintain your energy, a healthy sexual relationship, and/or your physical and emotional quality of life. Hormones start to drop by 1% to 3% each year, beginning around age 30. Having diminished hormone levels contribute to a variety of symptoms and a slow, steady deterioration to our health. As years pass, these symptoms become even more noticeable as the relationship between them and hormone levels becomes undeniable: diminished sex drive, waning energy, decreased lean muscle and increased body fat, weakened bones and osteoporosis, reduction in skin tone and elasticity, memory lapses, sleeplessness, irritability, mood swings and hair loss, among several others.
    These symptoms and conditions can be correctable with hormonal optimization, proper exercise and sound nutrient therapies. Based on a comprehensive assessment of your history, symptoms, and blood tests, I can guide you into a lifestyle that maximizes your individual health potential so you can enjoy healthy aging.

      I offer compounded topical testosterone cream or Human Chorionic Gonadatropin for testosterone replacement because they have less side effects and more flexibility in dosing.
    The cost is $250 for the initial visit and then $200 for follow-up visits every 2-3 months. This does not include the cost of the medication.