Sermorelin is a synthetically prepared growth hormone releasing hormone that stimulates production in the brain to release growth hormone by the pituitary gland, In our thirties, we start losing growth hormone. This results in gaining fat, especially around the stomach, in losing muscle mass and strength, in losing exercise performance, in losing bone density, in having sleep issues, in having cholesterol issues, in having glucose and insulin issues, in losing skin collagen and thickness, fatigue and sex drive and performance.  Sermorelin is an injection that you give yourself every evening. Although some clients notice a difference in one week, you need to use Sermorelin for 3-6 months to notice any substantial effects. You will be able to decrease the frequency of injections after 6 months. For weight loss, you will have best results if you eat six meals a day that are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and exercise with weight resistance. You will need to get certain blood tests to begin treatment that will be covered by your insurance and then these labs will be repeated in 3 months. At that time, the medication may be adjusted according to how you feel and the lab results. In order to receive Sermorelin, your age must be between 30-70, you cannot have a pituitary tumor or any form of cancer, retinopathy, untreated thyroid disease, pregnant and your Body Mass Index must be between 18-35.                                                                                   

     The most common reactions to Sermorelin is related to local irritation around the injection site. The irritation can be redness, pain or swelling. There are other side effects which occur in less than one percent of clients. These side effects include severe drowsiness, hives, nausea, vomiting, hyperactivity, dizziness, distortion of perception of taste and flushing of the skin.                              

     The cost of the initial visit is $250 which includes the evaluation, body composition, ordering of the lab test and nutritional counseling. The first follow up visit is $200 which includes everything you need including the lab test results, evaluation, instructions, support and supplies for one month. The cost of monthly follow-up visits is $200 which includes everything you need including the evaluation, body composition, support and supplies.


First Month: Weight loss/Body fat reduction; Vivid dreams; Better, sounder sleep; Improved stamina; Optimistic attitude                              

Second Month: Improved muscle tone; Increased strength; Improved skin tone; Improved nail growth; Better digestion; Weight loss/Body fat reduction                           

Third Month: Improved mental processes; Enhanced productivity; Faster wound healing; Increased libido; Increased muscle size; Hair regrowth   

Fourth Month: Heightened improvements with everything from the third month. At times, improvements may seem to diminish or plateau. Rejuvenation is still a process. Benefits should resume with continued improvements.  

 Fifth Month: Improved weight loss and reduction of inches; Improved skin texture and appearance; Skin thickening and greater elasticity; Thickening of hair with shiny, healthy appearance; Continuation of improved muscle tone                              

Sixth Month : Diminished cellulite Improved resistance to colds, flu and other illnesses; Improved eyesight Reduction of skin wrinkles; Healing old wounds; Disappearance of pain and soreness Improved body contour


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