Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Rejuvenation



     Botox (by Allergan) is Botulism Toxin Type A. It works to weaken the muscles that cause wrinkles, thereby reducing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother and more rested appearance. Xeomin (by Merz) is also available. They both can be used for frown lines between the eyes, lines on the forehead, crow's feet, lines at the bridge of the nose, lines above the top lip, and lines in the chin. Furthermore, they can be used to raise the arch of the eyebrows and raise the eyelid, even out the height of eyebrows, to enlarge the eyes and reduce a "gummy smile".      The benefits of Botox should develop over 5 to 10 days, and can last 6 weeks to 4 months but could last for a shorter or longer time based on individual variability. Studies have shown that after 18 months of Botox use, the amount needed is decreased and the duration of its effect is increased. The benefits of Xeomin develop in 2-3 days and has not been shown to cause antibody formations in individuals (meaning it could stop working after a certain amount of treatments).       Ice is used to help with injection discomfort.      

     The number of units used will depend on the area being treated, and the average amount is 20 units per area ($240).      

     The cost of 1 unit of Botox or Xeomin is $12.       

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Juvederm Plus XC Filler

     Juvederm Plus XC is a sterile gel consisting of hyaluronic acid and lidocaine. It is a dermal filler that is used to correct facial wrinkles, scars and lip/chin/cheek enhancement by adding volume to tissue and restoring smoother appearance to the area. Juvederm Plus XC is used because it lasts the longest, doesn't leave lumps that need to be surgically removed, and has lidocaine to help with injection discomfort. Juvederm Plus XC results can be seen immediately and can last 12-24 months but could last for a shorter or longer time depending on individual variability and where it is injected. Botox can be injected near the areas that are filled to help the filler last longer.      

     Topical numbing cream and ice can be used to help with injection discomfort. A dental block can be given when using Juvederm XC for lip enhancement.      

     The cost of one 1 ml syringe of the 30mg/ml gel thickness of Juvederm Plus XC is $600.       

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Medical Grade Chemical Peel

     Chemical peels are used to remove the layers of damaged skin on all skin tones. Peels can lighten and improve sunspots, freckles, uneven skin tone, oily skin, scars and fine lines most commonly seen on the face, neck, chest and back of hands.      

     Chemical skin-peeling involves applying an acid to the skin in various strengths, depending on your skin type and severity of your skin damage. A lighter peel will peel less and requires less healing time but requires more peels to see the effects. A heavier peel will peel more and requires more healing time but requires less peels to see the effects. Medical-grade chemical peels can only be given by licensed, medical professionals. One medical-grade chemical peel is equal to the effects of 8 microdermabrasions.       

     The peel does burn during the application but a fan will help with the discomfort. Your face will be pink for a few hours afterwards. Peeling can last 10-14 days.      

Treatments are every 4 weeks, and it may take 3-6 treatments before results are seen.       

     The cost of one peel is $200. You will receive a free post-peel recovery kit with each purchase.

Latisse Lash & Brow Lengthener

     Latisse (by Allergan) is only available by  prescription. This solution stimulates eyelashes and eyebrows to grow  longer, thicker and sometimes darker. Latisse effects can be seen in 2  weeks but the full effects are seen in 12-16 weeks. After 12 weeks,  Latisse can be used 2-3 times a week for maintenance.         

     The cost of one 5ml bottle (larger size) is $150 and lasts approximately 4-6 months during the maintenance phase.         

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Wart & Skin Tag Removal

     Skin tags and warts are very common small,  soft skin growths. They are harmless but can be annoying. They tend to  occur on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds and under the breasts.  An individual may have anywhere from one to hundreds of skin tags.  Middle-aged, obese adults are most prone to skin tags.       

     Removal is done by freezing or using acid, depending on the size and location.       

     The cost is $100 for the first treatment and one repeat treatment.

Prescription Cold Sore Treatment

     Famciclovir is an antiviral drug to treat cold  sores around the mouth caused by herpes simplex. The medication  decreases the severity of the cold sore and length of these outbreaks,  especially if you take it as soon as you have a cold sore. This  medication can also help reduce how long the pain remains after the sore  heals.       

     You take 3 pills all at one time.

     The cost is $20 for one treatment.